CNC Working Center for Window Frames

The continuous change of production demands and the problems connected to the evolution of a particular market, such as that of wooden frames and shutters, require considerable flexibility and versatility in order to have proper competitive value.

It is on the basis of careful study of these requirements that SAOMAD has created the ideal solution – the OPERATOR series of electronic machining centres for shutters and frames.

Operator isn’t just a simple numerical control machining centre; it is a new way of understanding and organising the work process.

Supplied in the most suitable format to deal with specific requirements, it can perform small batch sizes or multiple processing of the various elements of a wooden frame or shutter, regardless of the size of the job or the measurements of the parts to be made. The strengths of the machining centre are: a high level of flexibility, ease of use; it is robust and compact, and managed by means of advanced software which combines high precision with convenience and simplicity of operation.


The sliding of the carriage is based on linear integral guides double feedback balls that allows an high precision, reliability all over the time.
The advancement of the tenoning carriage has two indipendent speeds: one under the saw and another under the tenoning shaft. Speeds are regulated by means of two trimmers, settable according to the kind of wood and to the wear of the used tools. Either the approaching speed or the return speed and its change are made by adjustable inclines for acceleration and deceleration that assure a fluid advancing without vibration and allow a good finishing in tenoning.



Cutting saw with vertical pneumatic setting with the possibility to produce tilted tenons - 60 degrees.



Tenoning shaft with a diameter of 50 mm, lenght 320 mm. Position controlled via a vertical encoder. Max tool dia. 350 mm. Standard motor power 5.5 kW.



Possibility to carry out titled tenons by the +/- 60° inclination of fence.



Advancing of the wooden components in the profiling side via an extremely sturdy feeding system using ruber feed wheels with adjustable air pressure.
The wheels thelmselves have a small diameter and reduced interaxis to give perfect and smooth feeding of the piece in the profiling section. The system is based on reinforced and tempered gearings that turn on 2RS bearings, self lubricated for life. The machine bed is made from rectified, high resistance steel and has air blowers tokeep the feeding surface clean. A clutch mechanism ensures that no damage can be done to the feeding system in the event of an unforeseen stop or overload.



Squaring of the sash transom in the tenoning side - clamping of the piece being worked is by pneumatic pressure wheels. The sash (component can automatically be transferred from the tenoning side to the profiling side, with also the possibility of processing sashes) components at the same time on each part of the machine e.g. on the tenoning side and on the profiling side.






Cutting unit

Motor power 3 kW
Rpm saw motor 3000/min
Ø circular saw blade 400 mm
Cutting height 125 mm
Pneumatic set of the saw 8+8 125 mm


Tenoning shaft

Quantity 01
Shaft diameter 50 mm
Shaft lenght 320 mm
Motor power 5,5 kW
Rpm shaft motor 3600/min
Ø max of tools 350 mm


Profiling shafts

Shaft diameter 50 mm
Shaft lenght 320 mm
Motor power 5,5 kW
Rpm shaft motor 6000/min
Diameter max tools 240 mm
Diameter base tools 110-140 mm


Glass stop recovery unit

Quantity 01
Diameter glass stop recovery unit 200 mm
Motor power 2,20k W
Rpm shaft motor 6000/min


Fittings on request

Cutting height 150 mm
Enlarged table for squaring
Horizontal encoder controlled sets for saw
Electronic fence for the lenght of the wood
Additional profiling shafts 320 mm long
Hardware unit 170 mm long
Automatic suction hoods
Profiling counter-guide with encoder controlled set
Execution in accordance with CE Safety Norms
Return unit
Anti-chip unit 170 mm long (available for model OPERATOR 4)