Profiling Machines

In the range of SAOMAD machines for the window making there are the sash-profiling machines mod. PS 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 A with base structure made of structural steel to give a high degree of stability. The easy programming makes the use of this machine simple and flexible. The basic machine PS A is equipped with 2 shafts; the first turns a clockwise and the second anti-clockwise direction performing the anti-chip work.
The machine can also be fitted with glass retaining strip unit and lock slotting unit. Thanks to a microprocessor programmer each machine operation (start, stop, shaft adjustment, ecc) are programmer-assisted. We planned this machine to allow each adjustments happen on friction bearing sliding on tempered steel lubricated by oil reservoir. Long life and no maintenance needed. Possibility to add at a later stage a tenoning machine and obtain a work centre for window frames.



Shafts number 2
Shaft Ø 50 mm
Shaft lenght 320 mm
Speed 6000 g/min
Motor power 7,5 HP
Max. tool Ø 240 mm
Tool rod Ø 110-140 mm


Feed/Motor power HP1 (KW. O.75)

Continuous rolls  
Speed regulation 2,5-15 m/min
Rolls Ø 120 mm
Rolls axle distance 130 mm
Pneumatic rolls pressure  
Regulation 11-40 kg/cm2


Overall dimensions

Lenght 3124 mm
Width 1260 mm
Net weight 2300 kg ca.



  • Glass bead recovery unit
  • Wooden piece return roller
  • Uprated motor power HP 10 - HP 12.5
  • Suction hoods automatic opening
  • Hardware grooving unit
  • Shaft Ø mm 40x240