Tenoning Machine

In the range of SAOMAD machines for the window making there are the tenoning machines ST3A - ST6A and ST620 with welded steel structure to bring in high steadiness. Thouroughly built by specialised staff, we have applied on this machine modern technology and own solutions to grant the best results. You may rely on them because they offer great safety during work. The easy programming makes the use of this machine simple and flexible. Quick and easy tool change. Standard machine is equipped with a saw programmable in 2 positions, one or two tenoning shafts, with electronic adjustment, motorised tenoning carriage feed with pneumatic clamps. Possibility to work in sequence and in mass production.


Saw unit

Disk saw 4 HP
Speed 3000 m/min
Disk saw Ø 400 mm
N. positions 8+8
Horizontal traverse 130
Max. piece height 125 mm

Tenoning group

Motor 10 HP
Tools shaft length 620 mm
Stroke shaft under table 590 mm
Shaft Ø 50 mm
Max. tools Ø 350 mm
Speed 3200 g/min
N. shafts 1
Worktable width 320x1030
Tenoning car speed 4/16 m/min
Net weight 2000 kg


  • Disk saw cutting depth 150 mm
  • Continuous axle saw traverse
  • Table extension and accessories for squaring wing stiles just 1300 mm
  • Suctions hoods with controlled automatic opening
  • Direct current motor tenoning car variable speed with two indipendent potentiometers from 2 to 30 m/min
  • Uprated toupie motors 10 - 12.5 - 15 HP