Tenoning Machine for Windows Frames

The UTP 150 is the result of precise engineering research designed to deal with high precision work with a high level of versatility and ease of use. The ability to satisfy the most demanding requirements, while being adaptable for any work demands are fundamental characteristics of the product.



  1. All suction hoods on the upper part of the machine
  2. Quick setting for position of all heads both vertical and horizontal by mechanical digital readouts
  3. Pneumatic wood holders
  4. Counterwood
  5. Cutterheads Ø 160x150 mm with throw-away Widia cast blades
  6. Tenoning carriage mounted on large dia. round bar, rectified and securely fastened



La famiglia UTP 150 comprende tre modelli; il concetto di modularità permette con gli stessi gruppi diverse soluzioni di scomponibilità rendendo la macchina uno dei prodotti tecnicamente più avanzati e apprezzati del settore.

UTP MOD. 150/6
UTP MOD. 150/8





Circular saw unit

Spindle Ø 30 mm
Motor power 3 kW
RPM saw motor 3000
Saw blade Ø 400 mm
Cutting height 125 mm
Horiz. adjustment 125 mm

Hed unit

Spindle Ø 40 mm
Motor power 2,2 kW
Lower head horizontal adjustment 50 mm
Upper head horizontal adjustment 75 mm
RPM cutterheads 5000
Cutterheads Ø 160 mm
Cutterheads lenght 150 mm
Max opening between cutterheads 185 mm

Shaft tenoning unit

Spindle diameter 35 mm
Useful lenght 190 mm
Motor power 5,5 kW
Max tool diameter Ø 320 mm
Vertical adjustment 140 mm
Horizontal adjustment 150 mm
Rpm spindle 3600