WOODPECKER JUST 3500 is a robotic cell for window frames production suitable for small and medium-sized industries. The modern, flexible and automatic production process allows WOODPECKER JUST 3500 to work without intermission while avoiding the operator's continue presence on the machine. The concept of "Total Real Time" allows multiple daily shifts while maintaining unparalleled reliability and performance.


  • Unattended machining
  • Simple and intuitive machine management
  • Unlimited production mix
  • Limited dimension and consumption



Multifunctional working cell with autonomous electric spindle capable of delivering high powers, independent operating units for drilling and milling.



Automatic loading and unloading buffer that allows to work independently without user’s supervision.



Multiple clamping system which guarantees extreme precision, tightness and stability of the workpieces.
The standard length of the clamps allows to work 1 single piece of maximum length 3.500 mm, or No. 2 pieces simultaneously with a maximum length of 1.500 mm each



The WOODPECKER JUST 3500 is handled by a SAOMAD intuitive and integrated software that allows you to perform any types of window processing.