WOODPECKER 30 is the best choice for big industries that need to work in complete autonomy and flexibility while ensuring excellent productivity. Dedicated to the processing of any type of standard or special frame, regardless of the construction concept, type of junction or section, WOODPECKER 30 can realize an important amount of windows per shift.
The double independent beam optimizes any kind of execution on all the workpieces.
The fully automated production cycle allows dimensional control of all the pieces and allows WOODPECKER 30 to work up to 4 pieces simultaneously. The direct exchange of the clamps avoids any possible error of parallelism and straightness.
Maximum efficiency regardless of the mix of production.


  • Unattended machining
  • Simple and intuitive machine management
  • Unlimited production mix
  • Limited dimension and consumption



2-portal multifunctional working cell with 3 autonomous high power electrospindles, independent operating units for drilling and milling.
Nr.3 flexible and dynamic tool storages



Automatic loading and unloading buffer that allows to work independently without user’s supervision.
Loading: 20 + 20 pieces
Unloading: 20 + 20 pieces



Multiple clamping system which guarantees extreme precision, tightness and stability of the workpieces.
The standard length of the clamps allows to work 1 single piece of maximum length 4.500 mm, or No. 4 pieces simultaneously with a maximum length of 2.400 mm each



The WOODPECKER 30 is handled by a SAOMAD integrated and intuitive software that allows you to perform any types of woodworking operations.