Latest generation Saomad robotic cells: advanced technology for the maximum performance
Flexible and with complete automation of the working cycles
Smart energy and and intuitive functioning

Mission and Vision

Saomad 2 srl is a name that for more than 50 years has been offering technology to compete. For more than 50 years, it ensures to carpenters and furniture makers CNC-machines available to meet any production needs.

Saomad 2 srl responds to the requests of each customer with cutting-edge, flexible and customized solutions thanks to an international network of qualified dealers and distributors. Together with our customers we are ready to pick up the markets’ challenge to make the "Made in Italy" technology world-wide appreciated. It is an efficient reality in all its production phases. All the mechanical components are produced inside the company. Each machine is tested in accordance with the strictest standards.


Why choose Saomad?

Because it ensures each customer a targeted intervention, to obtain the most important advantage today: greater competitiveness on the markets.



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